A RELIEF PACKAGE to help ALL active clients start the holy month with a pure heart!

Dear Customers!

In Cashwagon we want to share goodness and cheerfulness to the whole community which we need especially during this uncertain time. We understand the current situation of COVID-19 is causing heavy stress amongst people and the economy. To support our clients and make them feel less burdened at such a hard time we have agreed with the Lender for relief packages for our customers to help them start Ramadhan with no stress and obligations:

  • CANCELED Late payment FEES for ALL active contracts with the payout date within the period of PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions)
  • We developed a personal RELIEF PLAN for each customer with an active loan, please expect a call from us with details
  • A wide range of EXTENSION options for all kinds of loans including payday loans and installments. We will contact ALL active clients and explain how to get an extension on personal conditions

Furthermore, the company with approval by the Lender also has decided to give more benefits in the light of the upcoming holy month:

  • If you wish to pay a significant part of your loan before 26th April, we will write-off the rest of the loan to provide an opportunity to START Ramadan with a pure heart. This will also make you eligible for the next repeat loan with attractive offers in the future.

In order to assist you with the above, you will be contacted by your personal customer care manager subsequently. In case you have not received a call, please drop your contact details on the link below so that we could call and assist you in this regard.

We thank everyone who made an effort to pay your loans on time.

Let us unite in helping each other in this situation and pray that this goes past us sooner. Because after all, we are one country, one nation!

Stay home and take care of yourself & your family

Yours Truly,

Team Cashwagon