About Cashwagon

Cashwagon is a financial technology service provider. We provide access to financial technology solutions in Indonesia. With presence in other countries in Southeast Asia, Cashwagon’s main focus in Indonesia is an online consumer financing wherein we provide access to online cash loans without any collateral requirements, complex approval procedures, or prolonged time durations. Having introduced rapid online consumer finance services for the financially underserved, we pride ourselves as a pioneer in the market.

Cashwagon’s financial services are designed to address everyday needs of Indonesia people in an innovative way. We utilize cutting-edge technology to enable easy access to lending services and complement it by offering a quick turnaround time, and fast several minutes disbursement process.

Customers applying for financial solutions from us can complete the entire process online, eliminating paperworks, complex approval procedures and guarantors at the same time. Therefore, we have introduced a breath of fresh air into Indonesia’s finance market, while adding immeasurable value to Indonesia people.

We are a dynamic, highly experienced Information Technology solutions and Financial Technology (FinTech) services provider spearheaded by international industry professionals with a significant experience in FinTech and IT.

  • Fast

    Our fund disbursement process is fast as we commit to several minutes turnaround time. From approval a loan to receiving it, our priority is getting you the funds, faster.

  • Easy

    Just fill-up the online application form in our website, on a computer or a mobile device. No complex documents, photocopies or even signatures are necessary.

  • Transparent

    Our interest and service charges are presented upfront on the website allowing customers to choose the best option depending on their circumstances.

  • Convenient

    There is absolutely no need to visit us. Avoid queues, complicated approval processes of applying for a loan with Cashwagon’s online application process.

  • Anywhere & Everywhere

    No matter where you are you can apply for a loan online from us. Enjoy the financial solution at your fingertips.

  • Professional

    Consisting of experienced staff, our team prioritizes customer satisfaction as best as possible.