Need Loans, But Have Bad Credit?

Loans for people with bad credit

If you ever have a history with bad credit problems, of course you will be difficult to get a bank loan because your BI Checking report is red. BI Checking is the bank’s main tool in selecting loan applications.

Ever had a hard time getting a bank loan? Try checking your loan history, lest once had a problem. Typically, banks will find it difficult to pass loan requests to those who have problems with bad credit. Well, the credit reputation of this prospective borrower is revealed in the Debtor Information System (SID) of Bank Indonesia or commonly referred to as BI Checking. BI Checking is problematic, showing a bad credit reputation.

Banks as loan providers or lenders have an obligation to calculate the risk of any loan disbursed to a debtor. If a prospective borrower is judged to have the ability to pay the bills, the bank will be happy to lend. Conversely, if a person is considered not to have the ability to pay the mortgage, the bank will never want to risk lending.

So, how to fix a bad credit history?

There are several ways you can improve your red checking BI report. One of them, fixing your credit reputation. This is done so that your credit rating or ranking goes up to a secure position, so you can be trusted to get another bank loan.

Bad credit reputation indicates BI checking is problematic. This means, you have unfinished loan problems. So you can apply for a loan again, then you have to solve your problem on the old loan.

For example, you already have credit card debt that accumulate. It would be more appropriate if you finish the debt first, for example by selling liquid assets such as gold or other valuable assets to pay off your debts or credit.

But if you do not have enough assets to settle the debt, you can try to apply for a negotiation to the bank. For example, you ask for a loan refinancing option, ask for an extension of the repayment period or ask for loan interest payments, or other debt settlement options. In essence, your old debts must be settled first before applying for another loan.

By fixing your past debt performance, it will be possible if your credit reputation improves slowly. If so, then open a bank opportunity to approve your next loan.

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