Borrow Without BI Checking, Is it Possible?

quick loans no credit check

Applying for a quick loan without checking his credit history, is it possible? May be. The key is to make smart choices, where you will apply for a loan.

Fast loans without BI checking will certainly help you when you need money for urgent needs that are not possible to borrow to the bank. Especially if you have a credit record with a bad debt history reputation.

The credit record becomes the record of credit reputation recorded in the bank’s debtor information system commonly called BI Checking.

Banks as loan providers or lenders will always calculate the risk of any loan disbursed to a debtor. If a prospective borrower is judged to have the ability to pay the bills, the bank will be happy to lend. Conversely, if a person is deemed to have no financial ability, the bank will not lend.

Thus, BI checking has a big role in determining a person’s loan application will be approved or not. This policy certainly makes it difficult for customers who have bad BI checking, but want to apply for fund loan in emergency situation.

So, what if we are in need of urgent loans but have a record of problem loans?

Where can we get a loan?

Actually there is still a way that you can get a loan even if your credit record in BI Checking problematic. For example, by applying for a loan in a smaller value, or seeking a loan to a non-bank institution, and so forth.

Especially now many non-bank financial institutions that offer quick loans or cash funds, for example, to a financial technology company that provides loans on lighter terms. Typically, the loan provided by the technology finance company is in the form of a Peer to Peer Lending (P2P Lending) scheme or an ordinary online loan.

In addition to the online loan system, you can also apply for Loan Without Collateral (KTA) that suits your needs. You can also consider other options to get fresh funds with a pawn system, which is mortgaging your valuables. For example, a pledge of motor vehicles, gold pledge, or pledge of expensive items such as gadgets.

For those of you who ultimately choose to borrow to borrow services without BI checking this, make sure you borrow it in non-bank financial institutions that have been registered in OJK. Although again kepepet though, do not ever ask for a request to the loan service abal-abal that can not be trusted.

Remember, always choose the loan with the lowest cost and measure the repayment capability. Do not let you open a new problem by piling up a loan that you can not afford to pay.

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