5 Financial Preparation Before Having Children To Avoid Stress

5 Persiapan Keuangan Sebelum Memiliki Anak Agar Tidak Stres

Every prospective parent would want the best facilities for their children. Now, before you decide to have children, it’s good to know what needs to be prepared, including finance. Certainly, having children will be a lot of expenses, both during pregnancy to the big child.
Many ways to prepare funds for the prospective baby. But you should, avoid debt before the birth of the baby. The goal, so that you more easily manage finances after giving birth. So as not to stress, see 5 financial preparation before having children.

1. Saving after knowing positive about pregnancy

Set aside money to save from the first day you get pregnant. You have nine months before delivery to prepare for finances. In addition to saving for childbirth, you also have to think about savings for children to adults. Remember, one of the biggest expenses is on children’s education costs.

Therefore, start preparing for children’s education savings as early as possible, one of them through investment instruments. Look for investment instruments that have large returns with small risks such as investing in P2P Lending Cashwagon. This could be an alternative education savings for your child.

2. Following pregnancy insurance

Many insurance companies offer products in the form of labor guarantees. This can be one way to prepare finances for the baby. You can follow this insurance program from the beginning of marriage. Make sure the company is legal and has complete documents. If necessary, ask the insurance company, which hospital cooperates with them, making it easier for you to plan a pregnancy check-up.

3. Budget the emergency costs

If you haven’t done that, now you have to start setting aside some money for emergency funds. Emergency funds are needed as an anticipatory measure if something bad happens to pregnancy, childbirth, or to your child. The amount of emergency funds that must be prepared is 9-12 times the amount of monthly household expenditure.

4. Prepare the cost of baby gear

Other funds that you must also prepare are fees for all baby equipment, such as diapers, milk, clothes, food, blankets, until the baby sitter. For that, start to budget these costs into your regular budget. Do not let, when you have a baby you run out of money. Because it can not be denied, the desire to meet the needs of infants is sometimes unstoppable especially if this is the baby that you crave.

5. Press the desire to shop during pregnancy

The desire to shop for baby gear is sometimes out of control, especially if you see baby gear that is funny and charming. But you must remember other costs that you have to prepare besides shopping for baby needs. Because the cost of labor is more important than fulfilling your shopping desires. Therefore, as much as possible press expenses for nine months and make sure you do not lack funds after giving birth.

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